Commodity Trading

In Astrology this topic has been elaborately mentioned and out of which here are some important points to be observe for a successful trading. The whole day is governed by the planets. For example the 24 hours of a day is fully ruled by the seven planets start from Sun to Saturn. Here the Raghu and Kethu does not come in to picture. Each planets (seven planets) will rule for one hour which starts from the Sun rise to next day Sun rise.

On a Sunday the first hour from the Sun rise is governed by Sun and it goes on like Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, like wise it will be on a cyclic pattern. This is called as Hora. All the seven planets represent each metal and during their period the said planet will induce the market movement on the particular metal according to their strength.

Apart from this, the ascendant of the time of entry in the market on a particular day has to be calculated and on that basis the planet position and its strength, aspect has, Charam and relation of the Hora planet with the ascendant has to be determined. Generally the 2nd 5th 7th 9th 10th and 11th house owner’s hora will give good result. The Ashtamathipathi’s hora will give negative result or narrow down the profit. If the 12th house from the ascendant has got any of the above house owner then the profit will be minimized by the said planet on their hora time. There are chances for incurring loss during the said period. During night time [i.e. after sun set] there are some planets which loose their power and hence there are chances to either incur loss or the profit which was seen before the said hora time may come down.

For the intra day trading the hora plays a vital role. Apart from this one has to see his own horoscope about the dasa, sub dasa, sub sub dasa and accordingly the trading has to be done. If these rules are followed there will be 90 to 95% of success. Important:- Before entering to trade one has to decide the target (possible target) and once it is achieved has to leave the trading. The Horai period (time wise) is given below in a table to understand by each and every one