Extra Marital Life / Illicit Sexual Relation

Marriage, Love affair illicit or unethical sexual relationship is top on the list which leads to break in married life, separation or divorce

Right from the social networking sites to the circle of friend’s people are getting involved in illicit relationship in addition with the married. Why such thing happens? It is because of the planets influence. The Natal Chart will indicate about the extra Marital relation.

Lets see the basic causes of extra marital relations as per Ancient Vedic Astrology way. According to this method influence of Mars, Rahu or Ketu in 4th,6th,12th house or 5th from 7th house or 5th of 7th is influenced by malefic planets or Jupiter and Venus connection in 5th of 7th House indicates that person will suffer from illicit or extramarital relation.

If 7th or 2nd lord is influenced by or viewed by Venus, or Venus is in these place or 10th lord is in 7th with Venus the person will fall in to illicit relation due to strong sexual desire. apart from that if 7th lord is connected with Rahu or Ketu then every possibility this person will fall in the trap of extra marital or illicit relation. Also review of transit of planets needs to be judged during that time for the person is extremely required for the correct prediction.

Note: In addition to this the other aspect like Kudumba Viraya sthanam has to be analyzed along with Suriyan (Sun) and Sukran’s (Venus) position, association and aspect will also throw light for this.