As per the Vedic Astrology Mandhi is an Upagraha. Which is also called as Kuligan.In Kerala all the prediction are made based on Mandhi. In the “SARVARTHA SINDHAMANI” it was told that Mandhi is the son of Sani (Saturn) . Sani (Saturn) is also called as “Mandhan” thus the name Mandhi is arrived. While casting the horoscope the Mandhi’s position is to be ascertained as per the Udhayathi Nazhikai on the particular day. This has been elaborately mentioned by Dr.B.V.Raman in his “Foundations of Astrology” Mandhi has no own house like Raghu, Kethu. Since the Mandhi is the son of Sani (Saturn) it will take more access in Makaram & Kumbam (Capricorn & Aquarius), The Mandhi will take position where it is stand and act according the Bhavam like Raghu and Kethu. When Sani (Saturn) is placed in Makaram & Kumbam (Capricorn & Aquarius) it will give full benefit according to lagnam but the Mandhi will give such benefit half the way. Mandhi’s aspect is to three houses (like Guru) namely 2nd, 7th and 12th house. Mandhi will the Sani’s Karakathvam in half the way. By analyzing the Mandhi one can able to find out the all dhoshas, particularly “PITHRU DHOSHAM’, the diseases. and other obstacles like Delay in Puthra Bhakyam, Financial hurdles, Family crises, constrainment in Financial aspect. Mandhi is malefic planet. .

Delay in marriage

Even after marriage misunderstanding among Husband and Wife

Dining child birth

Even having child their longevity

Health hazard

Frequent death in the family

Finance struggle continuously right from the birth or after certain period


Uncertainty in job or jobless

Separation of husband and wife

Misdeed of family members

Bad habits for the children or any family members

Loss of property

Loss in business

Trapped in Court case & sentence to imprisonment etc.,

To overcome the said PITHRU DHOSHAM one has to perform Pithru santhi as prescribed in the sasthra along with Navagraha Preedhi and Kuladeiva Prayer.