Matching Horoscope

Horoscope matching become a mandatory for a marriage. Now a days most of the marriages are being held without considering the real fact and fate of the individuals. The horoscope is like a mirror which will reveal the longevity of the married life and the mutual understanding among each other. Of late most of the marriages ends either by separation or divorce. In the ancient days the Maha Rishis have clearly mentioned the procedure for matching the horoscope and to identify the longevity of the married life and mutual understanding. If such procedure is followed before marriage the separation or divorce can be avoided and a happy married life can be lead for years together. Now days most of the matching is being confined with the star matching alone which is not right as per the Maha Rishsi’s text.

When anyone venture to do matching they have to follow the specified rules laid by the Rishis. Those are: